How Do We Get Power To Our Homes?

We all need power to run our devices and live our lives. If we don’t have power or if the power is shut off for some reason we need to contact the power company. For each of us, we have a specific power company. The electrical company in Chattanooga, TN will supply power to that area while other companies will have power going to them from other companies. So, when you deal with these companies, how does the power get there?

electrical company in Chattanooga, TN

Here’s an example.  Let’s say you want to power your TV and DVD player.  There is a high voltage transmission main or line carrying electricity from the company that supplies power in Georgia to the company that supplies power in Tennessee.  Power lines are like freeways for electricity.   The electricity travels through wires on this transmission main.  It eventually goes to a substation which is like a big traffic control center where it will travel over smaller wires to be supplied to people in the area.

When you call your power company, they will send out an electric lineman or such person who will climb up high poles and put the regular lines on to the transmission main so that everyone in your area has power.  Then when you have trouble or need something done, this person will come out and deal with it.  

What do we do when we lose power?

Losing power is an inconvenience.  You need to reset your clocks and remember things you were supposed to do that you now must do as soon as the power comes back on.  When we lose power, we usually call our electric company because they will send a lineman or other person out in less than an hour to fix it if it is something that they can fix.